What we do

Systematic reviews and appraisals

•Literature searching: electronic databases, e.g. EMBASE and Medline, recognised HTA sites, clinical trial registries, conference proceedings, grey literature searches
• Critical appraisal of meta-analyses, randomised controlled trials, cohort studies and case-control studies
•Research methodology critiques
•Data extraction
•Conducting meta-analysis
•Developing Evidence tables for use in Clinical Practice Guidelines
•Providing detailed interpretation of findings
•Horizon scanning for health policy changes and ramifications

Health economic analyses

Cost-effectiveness or cost-utility analysis,
Developing Global Pricing Dossiers,
Bottom-up or top-down costing studies,
Health care resource utilization surveys,
Health utility indicies,
Conducting reviews of utility measures in the literature.

Economic and mathematical modelling

•Decision analytic modelling using TreeAge DATA or Microsoft Excel
•Markov and semi-Markov models
•Probabilistic Sensitivity Analyses
•Monte Carlo simulations
•Bayesian analyses
•Interactive models with a 'front end' in Visual basic
•Utilisation and budget impact models and forecasts

Health outcomes research

•Treatment Practice surveys
•Retrospective chart reviews and database reviews
•Prospective observational studies
•Health care resource utilization surveys
•Cost of Illness studies

Epidemiology studies, biostatistics and meta-analysis

•Descriptive and inferential statistical analyses
•Treatment effect modification
•Sub-group analyses
•Survival analyses
•Bayesian analyses

Medical writing

•Reimbursement submission dossiers
•Preparation of manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals
•Preparation of Posters for presentation at conferences
•Preparing technical reports
•Concise literature reviews
•Clinical Study Reports

Reimbursement submissions and strategies

•Development of a strategic plan to support a reimbursement submission
•Develop a robust pricing strategy and or defend existing products already listed for reimbursement.